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Originally developed by Joseph Pilates in the last century, Pilates has become a hugely popular form of exercise.

Benefits of Pilates

Many people associate Pilates specifically with core strength or strengthening of the abdominal muscles but Pilates aims to do more than this.  Pilates incorporates many forms of exercise including resistance work as well as martial arts and yoga to improve overall strength and muscle tone as well as balance, posture and flexibility. Pilates has the added benefit of helping to relieve stress and tension as well as relieve common aches and pain associated with static postures or repetitive movements experienced in work or as part of everyday life.

The Key Elements of Pilates
The key elements of Pilates are strengthening of the core muscles and maintaining good spinal alignment.  The core muscles are the muscles used to support the spine, pelvis and hips.  Often if these muscles are weak or underactive, a good neutral position of the spine cannot be maintained.  If this is the case then the spine, pelvis and hips can be placed in awkward positions that can increase the likelihood of injury and experiencing pain.  Also, if the core muscles are weak then excessive force can be placed on the spine and pelvis, which can again increase the likelihood of injury when performing tasks at work or at home.  The strength and improved postural awareness from regular Pilates workouts will be translated to every day life.

Who Does Pilates Benefit?
It's an easy answer because everyone will benefit from regular Pilates exercises.

1. Sedentary Workers

If your job is sedentary and does not involve a lot of movement then your body is more at risk of developing pain from joint stiffness and muscle pain associated with prolonged static postures.  Also when sat for longer periods the core muscles don't have to work to support you upright as the chair acts as your support.  Over a long period of time this can make the core muscles weaker meaning they are less likely to offer support to the spine and pelivs when performing heavier activities in other parts of life.  This in turn can increase the likelihood of injury when performing heavier tasks.

2. Active Workers

If your job is active and involves either heavy lifting or repetitive movements then you could be at risk of injury or experiencing pain in the joints and muscles if the spine and pelvis are not properly supported during a task. Strengthening the core muscles helps maintain good postural alignment, which in turn helps the bigger muscles perform their job properly, reducing the likelihood of injury.

3. Regular Exercisers

If you enjoy exercise regularly or even compete in a form of sport then improving core strength through Pilates exercises will help improve overall performance and reduce the likelihood of sports injury.  Many professional sports men and women including Andy Murray and Jessica Ennis-Hill incorporate Pilates in to their regular training schedules.  Good core strength helps resist the excessive forces placed through the body during exercise whilst also creating a strong base of support for other functional muscles to be more effective.  This can help give you that extra yard of pace or that extra edge over your fellow competitors.

4. Beginners

If you are someone who has not taken part in regular exercise for a while and you want to start again, Pilates is an ideal way to do this.  Our experienced instructor will help guide you through different techniques to help improve the tone and strength of your muscles throughout your body.


We now provide small individually tailored Pilates sessions in the form of one-to-one or small classes onsite at our Cheshire based Trinity House Practice in Macclesfield.

If you're interested in joining one of our classes or attending on a one-to-one basis with one of our specialist Pilates instructors, call Trinity House Practice on 01625 500 777
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