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Shiatsu therapy at Trinity House

An oriental body therapy to treat all kinds of health problems.

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese healing therapy that benefits physical and mental wellbeing. The oriental view of health is that physical and mental wellbeing reflect the smooth flow of Ki within the body.  Ki, which can loosely be translated as life-energy, circulates within channels or meridians which run throughout the body.  Inadequate flow of Ki results in symptoms and illness.

Ki is most active and can be felt more clearly along the meridians, and blockages and energy released at tsubos.  Various shiatsu techniques are used to correct these imbalances. Shiatsu translates literally as ‘finger-pressure’ and stimulates this Ki energy using combinations of pressure and some gentle mobilisation and stretching where appropriate.  Shiatsu helps the flow of Ki rebalance. It is also deeply relaxing.

Ki movement can be felt through clothing.  Shiatsu is used for treatment of symptoms and for helping to maintain overall health and wellbeing. 


The Benefits of Shiatsu

Shiatsu treats symptoms and helps to maintain overall health and wellbeing. Through shiatsu, the body and mind are encouraged to let go of tension and relax, to feel at peace in the present moment. Those who have experienced its benefits for a specific ailment, use it regularly to enhance their sense of wellbeing.

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